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Flexibility is the most important aspect for startups. It helps to adapt quickly to the changes on the market. Choosing Cascad, you are choosing a flexible and modern payment solution.

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Easy to Integrate and Setup

Cascad technical support will help you to quickly integrate and set up a payment service on the website, so you can accept payments immediately after integration.

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Payments Control

Right after integration, you will get access to the admin panel with info on invoices and detailed analytics for accepting payments, which can be downloaded to your device at any time of the day or night. In a merchant's account, you can also set up a payment page and manage access rights.

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Cascad technologies fully comply with modern security requirements for online payments, in particular — PCI DSS standard. We have also developed an anti-fraud system to help identify and block fraudulent transactions at an early stage.

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24/7 Support

Our support service works 24/7. In addition, our specialists also provide all the necessary technical documentation and consult merchants during the whole process of integration.

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Cost Optimization

With Cascad, you can accept payments from customers online, as well as connect any number of projects to one account.

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