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Education is rapidly moving online. Our payment solution allows your students to pay for education quickly and seamlessly.

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Easy to Connect and Set-Up

Once integrated with Cascad, your online business will no longer need additional expensive technical developments. Our payment solution will allow you to accept payments immediately after integration.

Easy to Connect and Set-Up - Education -

Variety of Payment Methods

Our payment solution allows you to choose among several payment options: both classic (Visa/Mastercard) and popular alternative methods (Apple Pay, Google Pay, Masterpass, Privat24, etc.).

Variety of Payment Methods - Solution - Education -

User-Friendly Widget

Let users focus on what they really came for — new skills and knowledge — rather than trying to figure out how to pay. Our payment solution is easy and quick to use because it has a form that is already familiar to users from other services and sites.

User-Friendly Widget - Education -


One of our integration methods (host2host) allows users to pay without leaving the educational platform website. This makes the payment process visually seamless.

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Cascad really takes care of security. To protect our clients, we have developed an anti-fraud system, which helps to identify fraudulent activities at the early stages. Besides, our payment solution is PCI DSS certified.

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