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On-site payments by Cascad is suitable for all online stores – from small merchants to multinational retailers. We’ll help you choose the right solution for your business structure and needs.

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Payment widget

Cascad’s Payment widget is a turnkey solution that doesn’t require a development team. Simply copy a few lines of integration code from Cascad and paste it into your site. It’s as easy as ctrl+c and ctrl+v.

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Payment link

A payment link is a type of payment widget without a “Pay” button. It allows you to work more effectively with different sales channels. Create an invoice, set an expiration date and send the link in a messenger or by mail to your clients.

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A reliable option for those who like to be fully in control. In this case, Cascad acts as a technical partner and ensures the access to payments for your business. Payment logic, design and other attributes can be customized according to business needs by your team.

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