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Cascad’s account is a unified tool for managing online payments on the website, getting up-to-date data on traffic and detailed information on each transaction.

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Main dashboard

Get the latest info about your key metrics on the main personal account dashboard, including such indicators as volume and payments conversion over a specific time period.

Main dashboard - Personal Account - Main dashboard - Personal Account -

Payment analytics

Cascad provides two types of reports: summary and transactional ones. The first provides a sales structure overview (payment amounts, withdrawal, refunds, etc.). The latter contains information about each transaction. You can request daily or monthly reports.

Payment analytics - Personal Account -

Payments initiation

You can use Cascad account as a selling point. It allows users to create payment links and send them directly to customers right from the platform.

Payments initiation - Personal Account - Payments initiation - Personal Account -

Manage payment traffic

Analyze key online metrics, manage the availability of payment methods for the site, or set payment limits.

Manage payment traffic - Personal Account -

Assign roles for the team

Give your employees access to manage payments via Cascad. Set up an individual level of access to your account for each employee.

Assign roles for the team - Personal Account -


Ensure the security of your personal account and its content by enabling two-factor authentication.

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