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Cascad gives you an ability to generate the optimal route for each transaction. Our solutions are based on payment gateway availability, geography, card type, currency and other user parameters.

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Payments Routing - Payments Routing -
Payments Routing -

Route your transactions easily with Cascad

Payment traffic optimization - Payments Routing -

Payment traffic optimization

Our system chooses an optimal route configuration using payments history base deep analysis. The analysis includes many factors — card type, issuing bank, payment system, card bin, payment amount, country of issue, location, etc.

Anti-Fraud - Payments Routing -


Cascad includes an integrated routing solution for early fraud detection and prevention. It blacklists fraudsters by key payment parameters like customer name, card, IP, etc.

Cash flow management - Payments Routing -

Cash flow management

Allocate payment traffic by attributes (e.g. volume or % of volume) to the required number of destinations, depending on your business needs.

Reserve routing - Payments Routing -

Reserve routing

It’s a possibility to use a standby payment gateway in case of unexpected situations like unavailability of the main acquirer, unscheduled technical works, exceeding the limits of transactions in payment system, etc.

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