Online Payments
with Masterpass

Accept payments from Mastercard, Maestro and Visa cardholders who store payment details in the Masterpass wallet.

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How it works?


If a customer buys a product in a browser from a laptop or tablet, he needs to click the Masterpass button on the checkout page, scan the QR-code using the Masterpass program on his smartphone and confirm the purchase.

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If a customer buys an item from a mobile device, he needs to click the Masterpass button on the checkout page and confirm the purchase.

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What are the benefits of Google Pay?

1-Click Payment

With Masterpass, customers enter their card details only once — during registration. For subsequent payments, only username and password are needed.

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Your customers' accounts are protected by Mastercard's multi-layered security system, which hides their payment and identification details.

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Masterpass allows you to accept payments from any mobile device and operating system.

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How to integrate Cascad?

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What is Masterpass?

Masterpass is a reliable digital wallet. This tool enables customers to pay for goods and services (and merchants, on the other hand, to accept payments) on the Web using all available methods: by card or electronic money. At the same time, the customer can save his payment information and make subsequent purchases in just a few clicks.

How to add Masterpass to a website?

Masterpass integration can be done easily with a payment provider. Cascad allows you to take payments from Visa/Mastercard and popular alternative payment methods such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, Masterpass, Privat24, and others. You only need to enable the Masterpass button in your account.


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