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Instant alternative payment method from Google.

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How it works?

Pay with Google Pay

Customer chooses a product on the website and clicks «Pay with Google Pay» button.

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Choosing a Payment Method

Customer chooses saved payment method, or adds a new one.

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Customer allows the merchant to access the Google Payment API and then confirms the order.

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What are the benefits of Google Pay?


Google Pay does not store credit card information on the phone. Instead, the system uses tokens (16-digit random numbers combinations). Scammers won’t be able to access this information even if the smartphone is unlocked.

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1-Click Payment

By saving their billing information to Google, customers don't have to re-enter it during subsequent purchases. Thanks to this, the process of paying for the order is faster.

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Google Pay payment method is accessible to almost any modern Android smartphone with NFC technology, as well as a computer with the Chrome browser.

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How to integrate

HPP Integration - How it works -

HPP Integration
(Hosted Payment Page)

No additional settings or authorizations; Google Pay is available for all merchants integrated to the Cascad payment platform. With HPP integration, this payment method will automatically appear on the payment page.

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Direct Integration

You can place the Google Pay button yourself, but you will have to go through a series of checks. To integrate the service, you need to integrate directly with Google and additionally integrate with Cascad via API.

How to integrate Cascad?

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