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Don't lose your customers: set up online payments to your website or app and start accepting payments with the most popular payment methods.

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How it works?

Easy Integration

Our cooperation doesn’t end up with the signing of an agreement. We will not just help you integrate the payment solution to your website, but also integrate all necessary payment methods.

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Easy Adaptation

You will be able to accept payments from any device, regardless of your business model and type of website.

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Flexible Management

Add new and disable connected payment methods any time. Manage multiple websites with one dashboard.

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What are the benefits of accepting payment on the website?

Sales Boost

Paying on the site promotes sales because it allows shoppers to jump straight to the checkout process without wasting time thinking.

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More Convenient than Traditional Payment Methods

Accepting online payments has fewer financial risks for the merchant, unlike the traditional payment methods, where the merchant has to fiddle with checking payments or deal with commissions associated with a canceled check.

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Reduces Costs

Instead of hiring a cashier, sellers pay only to the payment service (and with Cascad, only for successful transactions).

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How to integrate Cascad?

We’d love to answer your questions.

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Create the Best Payment Environment

We made sure that you can customize every detail of the checkout page.
You can start accepting payments in just 3 days.

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