Take Advantage of P2P-Payment Options

Send money in 1 minute

Using P2P transfers, you can transfer money to a bank card, checking account, or pay bills in a few minutes.

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Paying for games

Top up your player's balance and enjoy new opportunities for gameplay.

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Paying for Financial Services

Make loan payments and payment receipts on time.

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What is P2P payment?

Peer-to-peer payments (aka p2p, person-to-person payments, card2card, c2c) are the easiest way to send money from one individual to another. To make a money transfer, the sender must have a bank card with a positive balance and the recipient's credentials.

P2P payments have many advantages. The most important is that there is no need to physically deliver money to the recipient or visit financial institutions to make a transfer.

The money can be transferred from card to card in almost any online banking service, but if this option is missing, there are various third-party services (aka P2P payment providers). Among them are Venmo, Cash App, Zelle, and Cascad.

P2P payments can be made using a P2P wallet or a P2P bank transfer. When making a peer-to-peer payment, the sender and recipient must agree on the amount before it’s transferred. The sender then initiates the transfer through their P2P wallet or bank.


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