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Reduce the checkout process to one click, eliminating the need for customers to re-enter data on subsequent purchases.

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1-Click Payments -

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Simple Payment Process

Saving card details after the first transaction speed up all subsequent payments — customers don't have to re-enter data.

Simple Payment Process -

Minimizing Risks

1-Click Payment requires customers to select the saved card and enter its CVV/CVC. Firstly, it guarantees safety. Secondly, it minimizes the likelihood that the customer will enter incorrect data and leave the cart after a failed transaction.

Minimizing Risks -

Increasing Loyalty

Offering several payment options — with 1-Click or with the full entry of card details — you are more likely to satisfy the preferences of different buyers.

Increasing Loyalty -

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What is one-click payment?

One click payment method allows businesses to provide their customers with the option of paying for a product or service with one click. To do this, customers must enter their card information in their initial transaction with a specific merchant before 1-click payments become accessible on subsequent transactions with the same merchant.

How to add 1-click payments to a website?

Payments with a single click are simple and secure. Most payment systems that provide 1 click payments employ tokenization to gather and preserve consumer data. As a result, the merchant doesn’t have to be concerned about protecting this confidential information.


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