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How Cascad works?

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Payment Gateaway - How it works -

Payment Gateway.

Host2Host (or Payment Gateway) integration offers the most beneficial online payment options. With this solution you can manage the business logic of the site as well as work with your customers, while Cascad handles the payment processing.

This payment solution takes into account the specifics of online business in Ukraine. We guarantee security, convenience and access to the widest choice of payment methods from leading Ukrainian banks in one integration.

Payment widget - How it works -

Payment Widget.

The payment widget (or payment button) is a quick solution that acts as a separate payment page. This Cascad tool is compliant with all PCI DSS requirements and supports major payment cards as well as payment methods.

The flexible settings of the payment widget allows you to customize it for any need. It can be integrated directly into the website (IFrame) or opened in a separate window when paying (redirect). You can select between using it’s standard design or customize it to fit your branding style. This solution supports automatic browser language detection and has a user-friendly design.

Integration schemes.

Payment Gateway
Payment Widget.
Ваши пользователи - Как это работает -
Ваш веб-сервис - Как это работает -
Web Service
Payment Page - Как это работает -
Payment Page
Gate - Как это работает -
Платежная платформа - Как это работает -
Процессинг - Как это работает -

How to integrate Cascad?

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What is Host2Host integration and its advantages

Host to host payments, also known as gateway payments, are payments made between two hosts, usually in different countries. Payment gateway services facilitate these payments by providing a secure connection between the two hosts and by processing the payment information. E-payment gateways are secure systems that allow businesses to accept payments from customers.

Payment gateway or Host to Host integration provides access to all online payment options. With this solution, you independently manage the business logic of the site and work with your customers, and Cascad processes payments.

Among the main advantages of Host 2 Host integration for business are efficiency, security, convenience and new opportunities.

This solution takes into account the specifics of online business in Ukraine. In addition, the Cascad payment gateway ensures compliance with the requirements of the strictest standard in the payment card industry — PCI DSS. This means that in addition to convenience and access to the widest possible payment methods from leading Ukrainian banks, in one integration, our merchants also get the opportunity to provide customers with a high level of security.


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