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payment solutions
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The future is now.

The world is constantly evolving: what was commonplace yesterday might become unnecessary today: petrol cars, fast fashion, old gadgets, and even money. Today's world is all about phone payments, direct link payments and online one-click purchases.

We've created Cascad to make new methods of payment available and accessible for any business. Use them to keep up with the world of today and tomorrow.

The future is here. - About us - Cascad.com The future is now. - About us - Cascad.com
Online Payments - About us - Cascad.com Online Payments - About us - Cascad.com Online Payments - About us - Cascad.com

Bringing payments online.

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Who are we?

Every business is created by people. Which is why we are, first and foremost, a team. Cascad are professionals with experience in developing banking products, implementing payments, creating payment systems as well as the achievement of launching the first electronic wallet in Ukraine.

Thanks to our diverse experience in the field of payments, our team is able to set trends, not just follow them.

Who are we? - About us - Cascad.com Who are we? - About us - Cascad.com

Online payments are the future.
The future is now

We’re looking forward to welcoming you to the Cascad community.

What is PSP and its advantages

Payment service providers (PSPs) enable companies to take payments online. PSPs usually offer a payment plugin that is linked with an eCommerce platform or shopping cart. When a consumer inputs their card info, the PSP processes the payment and pays the funds into the merchant's account.

PSPs often charge a per-transaction fee as well as a monthly service fee. Some PSPs additionally provide such services as fraud prevention and credit card verification.

There are a few things to consider when looking for a payment processing solution for your organization. First, you must pick on a payment service provider or payment plugin to utilize. There are several options available, so do your homework to find the one that best meets all your requirements. After you've selected a payment partner, you'll need to implement a credit card verification procedure to guarantee that all of your clients' transactions are processed securely.

There are many examples of payment service providers out there that offer different features and services. Some payment providers are PayPal, Stripe, and Square. These companies have payment solutions for businesses of all sizes. They have different payment APIs that allow developers to integrate their services into websites and applications.



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